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Other Tsukuba Information Sources

Tsukuba Wiki

The Tsukuba international community has written up more than 1000 pages of information on our fair city. Search the Tsukuba Wiki for information on local events, restaurants, etc.

Tsukuba Area International Residents Association

The Tsukuba Area International Residents Association (TAIRA) runs a website and mailing list for the foreign population of Tsukuba. The website offers helpful information about Tsukuba. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can pose your question to the members of the mailing list. This is an invaluable tool to all members of the foreign community in Tsukuba. Familiarize yourself with the website and mailing list as soon as you get to Tsukuba (if not before!).

Tsukuba City Hall

The city's official website is also filled with good information.

Tsukuba Tourist Information

A collection of articles about tourist spots in and around Tsukuba.


TsukuBlog is a site about life in Tsukuba. It includes articles about events, news, community information, Japanese culture, and more. Various local residents contribute to the blog and we try to post something at least once a day. It is a focal point of local, timely information for Tsukuba residents.

Tsukuba Website Collection

A collection of sites that will provide valuable information for life in Tsukuba and around Japan.