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Bread with Soul

Author: Celia Roberts , Issue: April 2007, Topic: Food, Location: Tsukuba City

“We aim to provide healthy bread to the community, use organic ingredients wherever possible, use local produce, and to support the local community”
-- Daisuke

When an avid Australian traveler claims that a pistachio and cranberry roll is one of the finest rolls he has ever tasted, you know that you have a winner! And when you walk into that bakery and see that the beautiful breads are made with some of the finest organic ingredients, you know that you doing your body a world of good by eating the bread. This is bread with soul.

The German bakery is named Backerei Brőtzeit. “Brőt” means bread, and “zeit” means time. And bread-time it is!! Baker, Daisuke, has close to a decade of baking experience. After graduating bakery school he went on to work in both Tokyo and Germany before returning to Tsukuba. Backerei Brőtzeit is named after the organic bakery he worked for in Germany.

This bread is healthy, and is made to the highest possible standards. The range is also great. Traditional German breads are made from rye, spelt, and wholewheat grains are used to name just a few, contemporary breads are also on the menu, and many of the sweets and delicacies are a fusion between both East and West, offering some very interesting culinary delights. Delicious! Most importantly, despite the use of high quality organic ingredients the breads are very reasonably priced and affordable.

Each Saturday, Daisuke and Mie, open their family owned store to the local farmers, who come to sell their produce. Being the wonderful people they are Daisuke and Mie do not take any money for doing this! What you get is vegetables that are very cheap, come straight from the farm, and are organic and pesticide free. In addition, you can order a wide variety of organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits and grains from the bakery. All breads can be made to order, and those with allergies can be catered for. If you live some distance from the bakery, Daisuke will also take the time to send your bread to you.

If you just want a nice place to chill out and relax, take the time to sit and have an organic coffee with a warm croissant. What a wonderful way to start the day.

So if you are looking for a way to tantalize your taste buds, look after your body, and care of your soul, head to Backerei Brőtzeit. After all, nothing beats buying bread from the man who makes the bread.

Open from 7:00am – 6:00pm, most days with the exception of Wednesday and the first Tuesday of each month.

You can find Backerei Brőtzeit at:
2-10-20 Amakubo, Tsukuba (close to the University of Tsukuba)
Tel 029 859 3737

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