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Eat My Meat! The Story Of The Meat Guy

Author: Meat Guy's Friend, Issue: May 2004, Topic: Food, Shopping

These days, it seems finding a juicy piece of meat to stick in your mouth is hard to come by. A variety of safety scares, labeling scandals, and good old-fashioned Japanese corruption has made the local offering a bit hard to swallow. All double-entendres aside, what's a good carnivore to do? Until a few years ago, the answer for those of us who lived in Japan was: make do without.

So, it is with great delight that I introduced you to Jason, the Meat Guy. A boutique purveyor of foreign meat, Jason has got the best meat in town and he'll even let you have some. Provided you ask real nice or buy him a few beers!

Like many of us, Jason came to Japan on a whim and ended up teaching English here. Hailing from Burwell, Nebraska - that's prime cow country for those who don't know - he was raised on the best homegrown around, right in his own backyard! Nothing here could really compare to the good stuff he knew from home. Yeah, sukiyaki and shabu shabu are superb, yakitori is yummy and tonkatsu is tasty, but nothing beats a good brisket.

So, seeing an opportunity to give people what they wanted, Jason started importing his family meat and selling it to restaurants. Occasionally, he sold some to friends and friends of friends. Word got around and eventually he had lots of people calling up and asking for meat. The initial calls were always the same - "Hi, a friend gave me this number, are you that guy with the steaks, that meat guy?" Thus, the need for www.themeatguy.jp.

He teamed up with an established Japanese importer of ham and cheese from Europe and now he handles all things meat-related, plus a fine selection of seafood and cheese. His offering is large and increasing all the time but his biggest sellers are steaks, lamb, ribs, turkeys and cheese.

The emphasis is on quality: beef from his family's ranch in Nebraska, which means it's naturally raised and hormone-free. Jason's family also has the largest herd of wagyu cows found outside of Japan. This translates to meat that is marbled, tender and tasty! For more information, go to www.morganranchinc.com.

Jason also carries natural pork from Austria, Australian beef, New Zealand Lamb, Brazilian chicken - all the major meat groups. Prosciutto, mortadella, salami, bacon, pork loins, chops-you name it, he's got it. Many of his cheeses are certified Organic, so there's no worry about nasty chemicals.

In addition to the high quality, he also offers low prices, a rarity in Japan. Because he is a wholesaler and imports directly, there is no middleman taking his cut. This translates to good deals for the consumer.

But what really sets him apart is his attention to customer service. Being a small-scale operator, when you deal with the Meat Guy, you are dealing with Jason himself. Give him a call and have a chat. Tell him what you like and he'll do his best to give you what you want. Need a special cut for that fancy dinner for two? Want to learn the best way to get mileage out of your meat? Planning a picnic and want the meat to show up before you do? All you have to do is ask.

Jason uses Sagawa Kyuubin's Cool-bin to ship anywhere in Japan. Delivery fees range from 950 yen per box for Honshu and Shikoku to 1050 yen for Hokkaido and Kyushu. Delivery is usually the next day, although some items or locations may take 2-3 days. You can pay by COD, credit card, or bank transfer.

As the summer barbecue season gets going, here's your chance to get your mouth around some quality meat. Top quality product, rock-bottom prices, timely service and a wider selection than in any store. What's not to like?

The Meat Guy
2-9 Yutaka 2-Chome, Minami-ku, Nagoya 457-0863
Tel: 052-698-3610
Fax: 052-698-3612

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