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Educator To Speak On International Education

Author: Author unknown, Issue: June 1996, Topic: Education, Speeches

Educator To Speak On International Education Jim Wiese, who has served international schools in Japan in several capacities, will be giving a presentation on international education. His talk, which will be in Japanese, will center around the importance of an international school to the internationalization of a city, the various hurdles that have to be cleared to get a fully-functioning, legally-recognized school off the ground, and suggestions about how that can be done. His presentation will be followed by an open forum where local officials and others concerned with the issue can ask questions and discuss the various issues involved.

Mr. Wiese has a great deal of experience in this area, serving as the headmaster of Seibo Gakuen (Saitama), one of the oldest private schools in Japan, from 1969 to 1977, the head of the school development office at the American School in Japan (Tokyo) from 1977 to 1990, and the founding headmaster of Osaka (Senri) International School from 1990 to 1994. For the last two years, he has served on the Osaka City International School Development Committee, laying the groundwork for a new school in downtown Osaka that the city itself is building.

The program is sponsored by a new organization, going by the name "Tsukuba no Kokusaika Kenkyukai" (literally, The Research Association for the Internationalization of Tsukuba), and is the first program event being sponsored by this group. The group is, incidentally, partially funded by the Tsukuba Expo'85 Memorial Foundation, a foundation set up to administer funds generated by the '85 World's Science Fair, which also funds the printing costs of THE ALIEN TIMES. The program is to be held at the Kenkyu Koryu Center (Center for Institutes) beginning at 2 pm on Wednesday, June 26. Admission is free and is open to anyone interested in the topic. Translation into English will be provided as needed over headphones, but the primary language will be Japanese. Members of the foreign community are urged to invite Japanese they are associated with, such as heads of institutes, companies, etc., and are, of course, welcome to come themselves.

Tsukuba International Elementary School At Crossroads While the city and prefecture are working towards the founding of an officially recognized and partially publically funded international school in Tsukuba, the privately run T.I.E.S. is presently searching for both a new teacher and a new location for the upcoming school year. The present teacher, Ms. Dianne Suzuki, is expecting a new "bundle of joy" in the late fall (Congradulations, Dianne!) and will be leaving her position at the end of the present school year. A search committee is presently interviewing candidates for the position, but as of press time, no decision has been finalized. Applications are still being received.

Likewise, the present facility, in a room provided by the Joyful Gakushusha "Cram School", will soon become unavailable due to a remodeling project, and therefore a new location is presently being sought. All available avenues are being explored, with requests having been made to city officials and others in the Japanese community to consider what they can do to provide new facilities within Tsukuba. A number of possibilities are being looked into, but any ideas others within the community have concerning possible locations or people to contact are most welcome. If you have any suggestions, please call the school office at 51-5577 or the chairperson, Tim Boyle at 55-1907.

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