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Finding a Parking Space for your Bicycle in Tsukuba

Author: Shaney Crawford, Issue: April 2007, Topic: Bicycles

See also: More Hints About Bicycle Parking In Tsukuba

It can be tricky to find a parking spot for your bicycle in certain areas of Tsukuba. One Alien Times reader requested an article on the bicycle parking situation around Tsukuba Center, so here is the current state of my knowledge on this topic!

For Users of Jusco, Seibu, and Q't

There are three spots where people can leave their bicycles temporarily while they shop at Creo and Q't. They are labelled (9), (10), and (11) in the image below. Please only use these lots if you are actually shopping at these stores, and not when you are catching a bus or train.

For Users of Tsukuba Express (Tsukuba Station)

There are three major fee-based parking lots associated with Tsukuba Station.

  • (1) Tx Central Bike Lot (Section 1): 60m from exit A3
  • (2) Tx Central Bike Lot (Section 2): 60m from exit A3
  • (3) Tx Central Bike Lot (Section 3): 70m from exit A2 (monthly contracts only)

Section 1 is for bikes, motorized bicycles ("gentsuki"), and motorcycles under 250cc (no sidecars). Sections 2 and 3 are only for bicycles.

Section 1

  • Free for under 2 hours, otherwise 100 yen per day
  • Monthly contract: 1230 yen (620 yen for students)
  • Weekdays: open from 6am to 12 midnight (the office closes at 10pm)
  • Weekends and national holidays: open from 6am to 10pm
  • IMPORTANT: if you want to retrieve your bike between 10pm and 6am the next day, tell the staff to leave your bike in the open area before they leave
  • Closed on January 1

Section 2

  • 150 yen per day
  • Monthly contract: 2040 yen (1020 yen for students)
  • Open 24 hours per day, all year

Section 3

  • 150 yen per day
  • 1 month: 2040 yen (1020 yen for students)
  • Open 24 hours per day, all year

(This used to be available only for monthly contracts, but it seems that it is available to everyone now.)

For People Who Need a Regular Parking Spot

There are five parking lots available for people who want to pay for a monthly spot: 4, 5, 6, 7, 12. These lots are NOT available for temporary parking, so please do not park your bike there. This is particularly a problem at area outside the Lawson because it doesn't seem like it would be a contract lot, but it is. If you park your bike there, you may find that it has been removed by the time you go back to get it.

Outlying Tsukuba Express Stations

The three outlying Tsukuba Express Stations (Kenkyu Gakuen, Banpaku Kinen Koen, Midorino) are not used as much as Tsukuba Express, but they will probably become more widely used in the next 20 years as development around the stations progresses. At this point, there are free 24-hour parking lots for bicycles at all three of these stations. This may change if the lots become more crowded in the future.

  • Kenkyu Gakuen - 140m to the west of the entrance, room for 138 bicycles
  • Banpaku Kinen Koen - 60m to the north of the entrance, room for 174 bicycles
  • Midorino - 130m to the north of the entrance, room for 192 bicycles

The parking lots are available for bicycles and motorcycles under 250cc. They are free and open 24 hours, all year long (no holidays). Bicycles that are left for a long period of time will be removed from the lot. The city does not assume any responsibility for bicycles that are in the lot or any personal items that are left with the bicycle.

Handy Map

Use the lots written in red for temporary parking (not regular monthly parking).

Handy Chart

No. Name Use Type Hours Places
1 Tx Central Bike Lot Section 1 Temporary Bike Limited 150
Scooter 24 hours 20
Motorcycle 24 hours 3
Contract Bike Limited 750
Scooter Limited 65
2 Tx Central Bike Lot Section 2 Temporary Bike 24 hours 64
Contract Bike 24 hours 15
3 Tx Central Bike Lot Section 3 Temporary Bike 24 hours 65
Contract Bike 24 hours 51
4 Tx North Bike Lot 1 Contract Bike 24 hours 293
5 Tx North Motorcycle Lot Contract Scooter 24 hours 66
Motorcycle 24 hours 20
6 Tx North Bike Lot 2 Contract Bike 24 hours 305
7 Tsukuba West Bike Lot Contract Bike 24 hours 121
8 Tsukuba West Bike Lot Temporary Bike 24 hours 100
9 Shopping Lot Q't, upper level Temporary Bike 24 hours ?
10 Shopping Lot Jusco Temporary Bike 24 hours ?
11 Shopping Lot Seibu Temporary Bike 24 hours ?
12 Tsukuba Center Plaza Bike Lot Contract Bike 24 hours 65
Total 2,153

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