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Mind The Gap: March 2007

Author: Kate Neath, Issue: March 2007, Topic: Education, Mind the Gap, News, Newsletters, Students

Hi Everyone! Congratulations for finishing exams & theses, and enjoy your Spring Break from 8th March - 10th April! This year is warmer than usual, so if we’re lucky the sakura will bloom at the end of March. See you soon! Kate

Graduation Day

Graduation will be held on Friday 23 March, at the University Hall (Daigakukaikan). It is a huge day of celebrations and beautiful kimonos!

1. Undergraduate Graduation ceremony starts 10am. 2. Postgrad (daigakuin) Graduation ceremony starts 1pm.

After the graduation ceremony in the Daigakukaikan, make your way to your faculty office where you will formally receive your Bachelor/Masters/Doctor certificate.

Certificate of Bachelors/Masters/PhD - Translation into English:

Please apply for a translation into English at Tsukuba University Academic Service Offices after you have received your certificate in Japanese at the graduation ceremony on 23 March. The certificate in English will take at least 2 weeks to process. Go to the Academic Service Office for your department, and ask for the application form and write the number of Certificates in English that you need. You can also order the certificate by mail if you are no longer in Tsukuba.

Please refer to the following webpage for details on issue of certificates and the appropriate Academic Service Office in your department to apply: http://www.tsukuba.ajp/inquiry/g-shinsei.html

For certificates in English which the ISC issues, such as Certificate of Japanese Language attendance (for job hunting) see this webpage: http://www.intersc.tsukuba.ac.jp/02current/certificates.htm http://www.intersc.tsukuba.ac.jp/03former/certificates.htm

College Student Status Expires upon Graduation

Many students seem to have a misunderstanding about the expiry of their college-student visa, or do not realize the relationship between their college-student visa and enrollment as a student.

Your "College Student" visa becomes invalid at the moment you terminate your enrollment at the university.

The "College Student" visa is valid only while its bearer is enrolled at a university. Please realize that your "College Student" visa will become invalid at the moment you terminate your enrollment due to graduation, completion, withdrawal from school or expulsion, even if the period of stay on your visa is still valid. In this case, you are advised either to return to your home country or to change your residence status as soon as possible. Students who reside in Japan for more than 3 months without a valid reason, after graduation or withdrawal from school, will be cancelled their residence qualification even if they are still within the period of residence permitted by their visa, and they may also become subject to forced expulsion.

Check your permitted period of stay

Please check the period of stay marked on the land permit in your passport or on your Alien Registration Card. As a rule, formalities for the extension of the period of stay must be done at the Immigration Bureau within 2 months before the date of expiration of your visa. If you stay in Japan until your graduation ceremony, without realizing that it was an illegal overstay (due to visa expiration), you may have problems when leaving Japan. This is especially the case of students who arrived in Japan early before the admission at the university. If you need to stay for a while after the expiration of you period of stay, for the graduation ceremony or for preparations for returning to your home country etc, you need to change your residence status to "Temporary Visitor" (90 days) or other legal status in advance, at the Immigration Bureau.

Pre-Departure Check-list

There is a "Pre-departure Checklist" in the last page of the International Students' Guidebook from the International Student Center (ISC). Students who are leaving Tsukuba in this March can check what procedures they should do for leaving Tsukuba according to the checklist. If there are students who have lost this guidebook which was given when you entered Tsukuba Uni, please do not hesitate to visit the ISC office to receive a new one. It is also available on the ISC website. See "For Former International Student" category. http://www.intersc.tsukuba.ac.jp/03former/leaving.htm

Moving out of Dormitory

If students are not approved to stay in the dormitory from April, students must clean up their rooms and move out by March 31 at the latest. Please note that you have to notify the dormitory office of when you will move out, at least 1 week prior to the last day of your stay in the dormitory.

Tsukuba-san Ume Matsuri

Tsukuba-san Ume Matsuri (Plum blossom festival in Mt. Tsukuba)! http://www.kanko-tkb.net/hp/ume/

YOUGAKUSEI COMICS by Herb Fondevilla


New “Re-Use” System – are you moving or have household goods to giveaway?

Are you moving house or upgrading your appliances?

A new “Re-use” system has been developed by the Tsukuba University “Environmental Circle EcoRanger” (official student body, supported by University of Tsukuba office - campus life section), so that new students coming to Tsukuba can live economically and ecologically.

If you have appliances and household goods that you don’t need, please bring them to Ichinoya or Hirasuna dormitories in Tsukuba University on the following dates. They can also pick up your goods by car if necessary.

I think it’s a great idea, as every year there is always SO much stuff dumped at the dormitories that goes to waste. So, why not organise your things in March and give the things that you don’t need to the new students.

Household goods accepted:

Microwave oven, rice cooker, toaster oven, electrical appliances, TV, electric heater, desk lamp, etc. Only household goods in GOOD condition are accepted. Otherwise, they may reject your goods. Also, bicycles are accepted only with applicant’s copy of “Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration”.

Date, time, and location of receipt of goods:

3rd, 10th, & 25th March (also 26th & 27th March in Hirasuna) 9:00-11:30am, 13:00-15:30pm Ichinoya and Hirasuna community buildings (1st Floor)

Email zdk@stb.tsukuba. ac.jp

Website (Japanese) http://www.stb.tsukuba.ac.jp/~zdk/weal/

Views from the Shokudou

Have you started job hunting? Where would you like to work upon graduation? In Australia, it is common to start looking in the newspapers for a job a few months before graduation, however in Japan, students start looking for a job and attend company recruitment seminars at least a year in advance! Let’s see what some Tsukuba Uni students have in mind for job hunting!

Marina Tsay, Uzbekistan, 1st Year Masters from April, Area Studies

As I will only start studying from April, I think there will be a lot of opportunities to find something that will be interesting to do. I still have to think, but for now I think I would like to find a job in Japan, for example in a travel agency, where I can meet people from different countries, to let them know about the culture and people living in Central Asia. Or if I go back home, I’d like to have a job that will be useful for improving relations between both countries.

Walter Quispe Marquez, Brazil, 3rd Year of 5, Health and Sports Sciences

I’ve not started looking for a job yet, because I still have two more years ahead of me but, upon graduation, I intend to go back to Brazil and teach my major (sports biomechanics) in a University. Also, I’d like to continue researching in this field.

Kentarou Fukuchi, Japan, 3rd Year Undergrad, Human Science

I’ve started job-hunting, and I want to work at Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) or Japan Bank International Cooperation (JBIC). I’m now writing an entry sheet for JBIC and also attending several seminars for private companies. I love traveling around the world and so willing to go outside the country, both for the job and for fun!

Zaoui M’barek, Morocco, Teacher Training Program

I will graduate from Tsukuba University by the end of March 2007 from the teacher training program. Since I have acquired much knowledge and experience during my stay in Japan, I’m looking forward to becoming a reliable source of information to sustain the educational boom in Morocco. After that I would like to study abroad again, maybe in Canada (Quebec).

Comments, Questions or information?

Please email to Kate Neath at: mindthegaptsukuba[a]yahoo.co.jp We will try to include them in the next issue!

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