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Muslim Ramadan Begins In November

Author:Author unknown, Issue: November 2002, Topic: Religion

TSUMRA, the Tsukuba Muslim Residents Association, would like to let Tsukuba residents learn a little about Islam. The following is a message from Tsumra: Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. Do you know that Ramadan Month will begin on Nov. 6? In Ramadan Muslims stop eating or drinking from sunrise till sunset. The following description of Ramadan in Malaysia will give you an idea of what it is all about.

Malaysia is one of the greatest Muslim countries. The Malaysian Muslims receive the month of Ramadan with great joy and unequalled happiness. They change their style of living during this honorable month. Reciting the Ever-Glorious Quran, remembering Allah and staying at mosques are their main concern. On the few last days of Sha'ban, Muslims of Malaysia prepare themselves for receiving Ramadan. They prepare mosques for prayer and buy their necessities of food. On the 29th night of Sha'ban, the Ministry of Religious Affairs tries to sight the new moon. When the sighting is established, the ministry declares it via mass media. Muslims exchange congratulations due to the advent of Ramadan. On this great occasion, the local authorities sprinkle streets with water, clean yards and public squares and hang electric lamps in the main streets.

As for the way of receiving Ramadan in the countryside, Muslims there celebrate the occasion through gathering at mosques and congratulating one another. Also, they exchange meals of breaking the fast. The rich and well-to-do traders normally establish feasts for providing meals of the breaking of the fast at mosques and in the streets.

Truly, the Malaysian community is distinguished with special kinds of meals. Mostly, all family members attend prayer in the mosque regularly. Schools for teaching the Quran are widespread all over the country. The government encourages these schools which intensify their courses during this month. They teach Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Tafsir (Exegesis of the Quran), the Islamic Creed, the Arabic language besides the Ever-Glorious Quran. The Malaysians conclude the month of Ramadan with completing reciting the Honorable Quran in mosques, schools, TV, Radio, etc. Then, they make other celebrations for receiving the blessed 'Eid Al-Fitr'.

In TSUKUBA Muslims will also pray regularly at their mosque. The address of the Mosque: Ibaraki, Tsukuba-shi, Owaza Kaname Moto Ue Kuchi, Hori Azanishi Aino Yama, 315-10. Tsukuba Muslim Residents Association President: Ahmed Nabawy, Tel.090-9318-5075. e-mail: mamounpcp@hotmail.com

FREE Charitable Dinner every Saturday Tsukuba Muslim Residents Association also sponsors a FREE Charitable Dinner every Saturday at 5 p.m. The purpose of this dinner is to strengthen the feelings of brotherhood and to serve the local community. Everybody is cordially invited to this dinner. For further contact president of Tsukuba Muslim Residents Association, Ahmed Nabawy.

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