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Nanairo Maternity Clinic

Author: Anna Hamakoji, Issue: October 2007, Topic: Medical, Location: Tsukuba

A new prenatal/maternity clinic has opened in the center of Tsukuba: the Nanairo Clinic (Seven Color Clinic).

Dr. Yuji Kuroda is originally from Ibaraki prefecture and so has “come home” to start his own maternity clinic. The clinic is located quite centrally, just between Andersen bakery by Doho Park and Hanamasa supermarket.

I went there to have a look and talk with Dr. Kuroda. The building is very modern, uses lots of wood and Scandinavian furniture. The architect is Dr. Kuroda’s brother, Mr. Junzo Kuroda. I found the whole clinic very spacious and modern with the newest equipment. Dr. Kuroda is friendly and easy going and (in my opinion) a “new style” doctor in the sense that he is “client oriented”. I think many couples will find his clinic very appealing.

The hours are:

  • Monday  9-12 & 15-18
  • Tuesday  9-12 & 15-18
  • Wednesday 9-12 & 15-18
  • Thursday 9-12
  • Friday   9-12 & 15-18
  • Saturday 9-12

Thursday & Saturday afternoons are set aside for surgery, etc.
Sundays & National Holidays closed.
Address: Tsukuba, Nishi Ohnuma 637-6 Tel: 029-860-7716

You can phone and make an appointment or just go and wait for your turn.

I sat down and asked Dr. Kuroda some questions.

Q: Can the husband or/and other family members attend the birth?
A: Of course, the husband, another family member or a friend is welcome.

Q: Can the woman choose how she will have her delivery?
A: Yes, we will make a birth plan and she can decide what kind of delivery she wants. For example, she can deliver by cesarean or using an epidural for painless delivery. Of course, her condition and circumstances must be taken into consideration.

Q: What can the woman include in her “birth plan”?
A: She can include:

  • Her requests regarding the birth; “normal” vaginal delivery or cesarean or painless delivery (epidural),etc.
  • Who she wants to be present at the delivery: husband, family friend, nobody, etc
  • How she wants to be during labor, what activities or positions she plans to use (walking, standing, squatting, on hands and knees, etc)
  • Whether she prefers a certain position to give birth
  • What pain relief she would like in the case of a “normal” vaginal delivery (massage, Lamaze breathing exercises, etc)
  • Whether she wants to listen to music, have her own clothes, video filming, etc,)
  • Whether she wants to breast feed immediately after birth, wants the father to hold the baby as soon as possible, etc.
  • Whether she plans to breast feed/use formula
  • How she wants to spend the days in the clinic (wants to take care of baby herself, prefers to rest as much as possible, etc)

Q: How long does the mother/baby usually stay in the clinic after birth?
A: Most mothers stay for five days. Cesareans for eight days but if she wants to and the condition of both mother and child is good, it is possible to leave after one day. However, I think that our clients will find that our clinic is very comfortable so maybe they won’t be in such a hurry to leave. We also have aroma relaxation therapy and we aim to provide the mother with a comfortable time.

Q: Do you have English speaking staff?
A: Unfortunately, I don’t speak that much English. If you are worried, please bring an interpreter with you.

Q: How many doctors are there at the clinic?
A: At the moment there is one, myself but in the future I’m planning to add a female doctor to our staff.

Q: How about bringing your child/children to the clinic when you go for check ups? Is there anywhere for them to be?
A: Yes, there is a play room and our staff will look after them while the mother is examined or if preferred they can be brought into the examine room.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: The cost will be between 380,000 yen- 550.000 yen depending on the style of delivery and the room type.

Q: How about the regular check ups?
A: The regular check ups will be about 6,000 yen. We use 4D ultrasound and will take photos and videos of the baby at every check up so that the family can have a record of their child even before he/she was born. Want to see what a 4D ultrasound is? Please look at this webpage.

Q: Do you tell the parents the gender of the child?
A: Yes, as a matter of fact, with the 4D anyone can see.

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