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Restaurant Review: Morgen And Sieger

Author: Shaney Crawford, Issue: November 2006, Topic: Restaurants

Morgen and Sieger are two different stores that fulfill three different roles. Morgen is a delicious bakery that sells all kinds of breads and pastries. You can buy your "daily bread" at Morgen and then hop over to Sieger for a special treat. Sieger also has a delightful little cafe called "Cafe Konditorei" where you can have a lovely meal of quiche, sauerkraut, and dessert.

The bread and bread products at Morgen are exceptional. They make some very good grainy breads and, if you get there at just the right time, you may be lucky enough to buy one of their sandwiches. I think the sandwiches at Morgen and Andersen are probably the best in Tsukuba (that I have tasted so far -- can someone recommend a better sandwich?). The sandwiches at Morgen tend to sell out early, though, so you should try to get there earlier rather than later during the lunch hour.

On the east side of Morgen is Sieger (http://www.cake-cake.net/sieger/), the dessert and treat specialists. Everything in this entire shop is cute, delicately designed, and delicious. This is not the place to go when you are looking for a cheap, sugary treat. It is more the kind of shop where you buy something of high quality to express your deep gratitude for a kindness. They have cakes, tarts, chocolates, brownies, meringues, puddings, cookies, and other individually wrapped dry treats. A gift from Sieger is always well-received.

I have bought bread products at Morgen many times, and I have purchased little treats for myself and others at Sieger, but this month marked the first time that I ever ate lunch at Cafe Konditorei. Konditorei means "pastry shop" in German and this cafe is indeed a little postage stamp of Germany. When I visited Germany in 2005, I had the pleasure of visiting the grandmother of one of my friends, and when I visited Cafe Konditorei I felt like I was back in Grandma's house in Hamburg. The cafe is set on the northern edge of Doho Park, so the views out of the south-facing windows are extremely refreshing. The windowsills are all covered with little knick-knacks that in the hands of a less-capable designer would end up looking junky, but in this restaurant, they all come together to add a certain coziness to the atmosphere. There are also flower arrangements throughout the dining area that match the curtains and doodaddy decor extremely well. As I said, in lesser hands, this restaurant would be a nightmare of kitsch, but it is quite clear that the designer has a good eye for both detail and ambiance.

The lunch menu at Cafe Konditorei consists mainly of quiche dishes with a small salad and a little heap of sauerkraut. Very tasty. I recommend getting a side order of rye bread (which comes with a thin layer of cream cheese), as it makes a tasty addition to the meal, and should also serve to remind you to walk over to Morgen at the end of the meal to pick up some bread for later. The lunch also includes a dessert of sorbet (lemon, blueberry, or raspberry) or yoghurt and muesli. I ordered some Darjeeling tea to go with my meal and found it quite tasty, although the price of the tea increased the price of the whole meal rather disproportionately. Next time, I think I will skip the tea.

The staff is very kind, the service is speedy, and they will offer you English menus if you look like you need them. Overall, a very pleasant dining experience. The cafe has a very small number of tables, and the menu is clearly targeted towards adults, so you can probably be assured of a quiet, "adults-only" lunch experience.


  • Address: 305-0047, Tsukuba-shi, Sengen 2-13-2
  • Directions: Morgen and Sieger are located on the south side of Doho Park Street. From Tsukuba Center, take Nishi Odori south to Andersen, and turn left. Follow this street (Doho Park Street) past Andersen, West House, and Non-Cafe and you will eventually see the two yellow buildings of Morgen and Sieger on the right. There is a parking area just before you reach the stores, and I think there is one across the street too. This area has a lot of traffic and there isn't a sidewalk or a crosswalk, so be careful as you go from your car to the shops.


  • Open 10am to 7pm. The cafe closes at 6pm.
  • Closed: Thursdays and the first Wednesday of the month.


  • Tel: 029-852-5777
  • Fax: 029-855-0550

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