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Shaken Options

Author:Fabrizio Tappero, Issue: June 2003, Topic: Cars

After researching the best place for the Shaken I report here my personal best choice.

It is a mechanic near the Sasagi intersection (Higashi/cineplex road).

Mr. Harigae
Tsukuba-shi Sasagi 2012-482
Tel. 0298526400

Driving from Cineplex direction Tsuchiura you leave Cineplex on your right, after 400m. you will be able to see the sasagi intersection (with the Higashi odori) in front of you. Make right at the second last small road before the higashi odori, go strait for 500m and the mechanic is on your right side. It looks like a dirty outdoor garage with a lot of small broken cars outside. Mr. Harigae, the owner of the place, is a very nice and honest person. In this place the basic price for the shaken was 60.000 yen (1600cc engine) usually there is always something that has to be changed, in my case costed 10.000. So finally I made it for 70.000 yen.

There is also the Cosmo gasoline station on the Higashi odori in front of the big ramen shop. The price is 72.000 yen (1600cc engine) plus broken parts expenses. Anyway I don't know the place.

Here there are other places suggested by some friends:

I went recently to a shaken agent at Higashi odori near Daiwa's Land. They check your car and tell you what has to be done to get shaken and replace only necessary parts. They charge you the shaken fee (in my case a bit more than 87.000 yen made up basically by insurances rather than the actual shaken fee) plus the money they ask for survival. In my case I paid 100.000 yen and the car is still running. The fee depends of course on the size of your car. The cheapest way, however, is to do everything by yourself . A Japanese friend of mine sent me a list of possible procedures.

The following items are required for shaken at the minimum:

Tax 30,000 yen
Insurance 30,000
Application (documents) 1,400

Note: (I don't remember the exact figure for each item.)

Regarding shaken, there are, mainly, three cases as follows.

Case 1
If you do it yourself and if the car is OK, the cost needed is just 61,400 yen. If the car is NOT OK, you have to ask a garage to repair only the part(s) where shaken pointed out that it should be repaired. And do shaken again after the repair. If you can do it on the same day, you don't have to pay the additional fee for shaken (Total 61,400 + repair). If you can't do it on the same day, only the fee for application is asked to pay again. (Total 61,400 + repair + 1,400)

Case 2
You can ask an agent who just does shaken mentioned above on behalf of you (this kind of service is available). In this case, you need the additional fee for commission; maybe 10,000-25,000. And if the car is OK, that's all. (Total 86,400) If the car is NOT OK, the agent usually has a garage (or a cooperating garage) where they can repair the car. So you can ask them to have the car repaired. (Total 86,400 + repair + additional commission?)

Case 3 If you ask a garage to do shaken, you have to probably pay them for additional items, for example, as follows:

Basic inspection 20,000-60,000 yen Special inspection (sometimes exists) 20,000-60,000 yen Repair(if needed)??? Commission 10,000-20,000 yen (Total 91,400-??? yen)

Roughly speaking, this is the reason why shaken has wide range of costs depending on the garage you choose.

There seems to be a service something between the case 2 and 3 these days.

Less expensive order: case 1 -> 2 -> 3 or 1 -> 3 -> 2

Simpler, more certain, and safer order: 3-> 2-> 1

Hope it helps.

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