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Special Offer to see Kabuki in Tokyo

Author: International Theatre Institute, Issue: September 2006, Topic: Events

We are pleased to inform you about a chance to appreciate traditional theatre in Tokyo.

The International Theatre Institute (ITI) is offering half-price tickets for a Kabuki appreciation to foreigners living in Japan. This is the ninth time a special price reduction has been offered since the beginning of this arrangement. The September programme at Kabuki-za will commemorate the 120 anniversary of the birth of the great tachiyaku male role player Nakamura Kichiemon the first and will feature plays for which he was famous.

You will have the opportunity to see a traditional form of musical art performed by highly skilled musicians and acted out by one of the top kabuki stars, Koshiro Matsumoto and Kichiemon Nakamura both brothers will show their skill and high technique in the form of Kabuki.

This opportunity of seeing a live performance of Kabuki will deepen your interest and understanding of Japanese culture. Also this discount ticket will give you the satisfaction and enjoyment of being in the artistic world of Kabuki.

  • Dates: September 15 (Fri), 16 (Sat), 17 (Sun) 2006
  • Time: 4:30pm
  • Place: Kabuki-za Theatre
  • Price: 7,500 yen (50% of 15,000 yen 1st class seat) 4 tickets maximum per applicant.

Evening Programme

Koshiro (Chienai in reality Kisanta)
Sadanji (Kiichihogen)
Somegoro (Torazo in reality Ushiwakamaru)
Karoku (Tanka)
Shibajaku (Minatsuruhime)

Kichiemon (Jirozaemon) Koshiro (Chobei)
Fukusuke (Yaysuhashi) Baigyoku (Einojo)
Tozo (Okitsu)
Shibajaku (Kokonoe) Kasho (Jiroku)

Somegoro (Sarashina in reality Witch of Togakushi)
Shinjiro (Koremochi)

For application, please send us an e-mail at iti[at]ceres.dti.ne.jp with your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, nationality, preference date to watch a performance, and the number of tickets you would like to purchase by e-mail. You may also apply for tickets on our website http://www.green.dti.ne.jp/~iti/

Deadline for Application: August 16th (Wed), 2006

If the number of applications exceeds 300 (the number of discount tickets we are holding), we will determine by lottery and the winners will be notified via e-mail.

For those who win tickets, we will inform you of the bank account number of ITI Japan Centre. We kindly ask you to transfer the amount of purchase for the ticket(s) to this account number by August 28th (Mon). After the payment has been deposited, the tickets will be sent to you by mail.

Also discounted An English Ear-phone Guide which has an excellent translation to help you understand the dialogue of the performers on stage and an explanation of the uniqueness of Kabuki. ITI offers a special rental fee of 500 yen. A one thousand yen security deposit is requested which will be refunded when the earphone set is returned. Also an English-language programme will be selling for 500 yen inside the theatre.

We have also prepared discount tickets (one per ticket holder) which will allow you to get a discount in any dining-room of your choice at the Kabuki-za. So please enjoy a traditional Japanese-style dish during the intermission. Reservations can be made upon arrival at the reservation counter which is located on the first floor inside the theatre.

For inquiries in English, please call 090-4396-1268 between 11:00 to 19:00.

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