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Take Advantage of Annual Passes

Author: RR Fish, Issue: October 2006, Topic: Children, Tourism

Rejoice ye parents! If you don't know this already, your kids can get in FREE* to many art, nature, and science museums in Ibaraki on Saturdays... EXCEPT Saturdays during the long-term break like summer break. Oh, but do not worry! You can still enjoy your day off with your kid(s) with a small budget if you have annual passes.

Some places only give you 50% off or group discounts, but I still think it's a good deal!


  • Regular admission prices: 1000 yen for adults and 500yen for kids 4 to 6th graders
  • Annual pass prices: 1500 yen for adults & 1000yen for kids
  • Annual parking ticket: 500 yen per car

Potiron has fun events for kids and adults every weekend in August. The Potiron Festival is from August 12th-15th, and admissions will be free from 4PM during the Potiron Festival, so don't miss their fireworks!

See: http://www.potiron-no-mori.com/

Aqua World Ooarai

  • Regular admission prices: 1800 yen for adults, 900yen for elementary and junior high school students, and 300yen for kids over 3 years old
  • Annual pass prices: 4000 yen for adults, 2000yen for students, and 700yen for kids
  • Parking: free

The aquarium started selling annual passes a couple of years ago, and I'd say it's worth buying because you can "just stop by" whenever you feel like it. In fact, I didn't need to "fight for" a parking spot the last time I went there in June because I got there around 3PM and many people were leaving! Having said that, I'm afraid the Ooarai Aquarium & beach areas are very crowded this summer since a new shopping mall Resort Outlets Oarai opened up near the Oarai Sun Beach.

See: http://www.aquaworld-oarai.com/

This dolphin monument was unveiled on March 18th of this year.

Ibaraki Nature Museum(Museum Park)

This museum just recently started selling annual passes!!

See: http://www.nat.pref.ibaraki.jp/english/index.html

I've come to realize that many kids refer to Ibaraki Nature Museum as "the museum with moving dinosaurs" :)

Hitachi Kaihin Park

  • Regular admission prices: 400 yen for 15 and up and 80 yen for kids
  • Annual pass prices: ---4000 yen/800 yen
  • Parking: 510yen or 400yen with an adult annual pass

You might want to avoid going there on August 4th to 6th because that's "Rock in Japan Festival 2006" weekend.@Unfortunately, according to their website (http://www.rijfes.co.jp/), all the tickets have been sold out, so you won't be able to buy tickets even if you go there.

See: http://www.hitachikaihin.go.jp/index.htm

Ibaraki Flower Park

  • Regular admission prices: 740 yen for adults from Apr1-Nov30, 370 yen from Dec1 to March 31 and 370(Apr-Nov)/190(Dec-Mar) yen for kids
  • Annual pass: 2600 yen per person
  • Parking: free

This place is more than just a "botanical park," it has a lot of places for kids to burn their energies! There are bobsleigh-style slide(does anyone know the official name for this thing?), a "flower-cycle" that you need to pedal on the rusty rails that are about 5-8 meters above the ground(I swear, I'll never ride that thing again!), and the athletic area on top of the mountain. Don't forget to go up the observation tower for a nice view!

See: http://flowerpark.or.jp/

This article was originally published on the Tsukublog: http://tsukublog.alientimes.org

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