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Route from Tsukuba Center to Ninomiya House

From Tsukuba Station, walk south to Tsuchiura Gakuen Sen (towards the very tall Mitsui Building and away from the parking lots).

Mitsui Building

When you get to Tsuchiura Gakuen Sen, turn right and walk one block. When you get to the corner where Jusco is right behind you, go south.


Keep following this road south past Dayz Town (on your left), Okura Frontier Hotel Epochal (on your left), Tsukuba International Congress Center (on your left), Ishimaru Denki (electronics shops, on your right), Tsutaya (on your right), the AU Shop/Mini Dealer (on your right) and Tsukuba Center for Institutes/JISTEC (on your left).

Dayz Town

Okura Frontier Hotel Epochal

Tsukuba International Congress Center

Ishimaru Denki


AU Shop / Mini Dealer

Tsukuba Center for Institutes/JISTEC

Just after Tsutaya and the AU shop, you will see Minami Odori. Cross the intersection and walk past Kojima Denki (electronics shop, on your right).

Kojima Denki

There is a road in between the Kojima Denki store and the parking lot. Turn right onto that road and follow it past the Seria 100 Yen Shop until the road ends in a T-junction.

Seria 100 Yen Shop

Turn left. Ninomiya House starts on the corner of the next intersection. It is a huge, square, brown building with a unique shape.

Ninomiya House