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Tsukuba Orientation

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Schedule (Tentative)

12:30 Reception
12:45 Introductory Remarks
1:00 Session 1: Work/Study
  • Room 1: Topic A = Being a Student in Tsukuba/Japan
  • Room 2: Topic B = Being a Researcher in Tsukuba/Japan
  • Room 3: Topic C = Being a Dependent (Spouse) in Tsukuba/Japan
1:45 Session 2: Home and Leisure
  • Room 1: Topic D = Giving Birth/Raising a Child in Japan
  • Room 2: Topic E = Leisure Activities in Tsukuba
2:15 Session 3: Society
  • Room 1: Topic F = Studying Japanese
  • Room 2: Topic G = Etiquette/Social Skills in Japan
2:45 Session 4: Panel Discussion
  • Assembly Hall: Group Discussion on Various Issues Facing Foreign Residents in Tsukuba
3:30 Country Sessions (Meet with people from your country or region)
  • Room 1: Asia
  • Room 2: Europe, Africa
  • Room 3: North and South America, Oceania
4:00 Conference ends
4:00 Tsukuba Meet and Greet (at Ninomiya House, to 6pm)

This event is being generously sponsored by Welcome to Tsukuba, a new local business that is working to make Tsukuba a more welcoming place for foreign residents and visitors.

Each session slot will include presentations on two or three topics. The sessions will include a short presentation followed by a question period.

Participants will be asked to sign up for the specific presentations ahead of time. They will be allowed to attend whatever parts of the schedule interest them. Long-term residents of Tsukuba and Japan are encouraged to attend the Meet and Greet, even if they do not attend the main orientation.

Attendance is FREE.

Topic: Tsukuba Orientation