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Tsukuba Orientation

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Potential Topics

Here is a list of topics that we are considering for Sessions 1 to 3.

  • Community Relations
  • Doing Research in Tsukuba
  • Etiquette in Japan
  • Finding a Job in Tsukuba
  • Food and Eating in Japan
  • Information Sources
  • Leisure in Tsukuba
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth in Tsukuba
  • Raising a Child in Tsukuba
  • Setting up your Household in Tsukuba
    • Setting up internet access
  • Studying Japanese
  • Studying in a Japanese University
  • Studying in Tsukuba
  • Tourism in Tsukuba
  • Working in a Japanese Office
  • Working in Tsukuba
  • Working with Foreign Staff (for Japanese people -- not offered this time, but may be offered in the future)

If you have any ideas for topics that should be covered, please contact us.

Topic: Tsukuba Orientation