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<<Emergency Directory

During an earthquake, vital services such as electricity, water, communications may be interrupted and buildings may suffer severe damage. Follow these guidelines to help keep yourself and your family safe.

  • Stay calm and seek safety. Try to get under a desk or table. Cover your head with a cushion or pillow.
  • Secure an exit. Open a door right away. This ensures an escape route after the earthquake is over.
  • Do not rush outside. Usually a strong earthquake will end within a minute or so. Seek shelter in the room you're in and stay there until it's over.
  • Prevent fires. Turn off any heat sources in use such as gas burners and heating stoves. Turn off the stopcock of gas appliances and unplug electrical appliances. When evacuating after an earthquake is over, make sure to switch off the circuit breaker. (Electrical appliances that have fallen down due to an earthquake might come in contact with flammable articles and cause a fire.)
  • Put out any fires that may have started. Use water or a fire extinguisher to put them out. Shout "fire" (kaji da) to notify your neighbors and get their assistance.
  • Be sure that the information you receive is correct. Don't listen to rumors. Follow the instruction on TV or radio. Follow the instructions given by the municipal office, fire department and police department.
  • Don't use the telephone unless necessary.
  • Avoid dangerous areas such as near vending machines, stone/brick walls, narrow alleyways, canals, cliffs, riverbanks etc.
  • Be wary of rumors. Reconfirm information from TV and radio broadcasts.
  • Help your neighbors with fire-fighting, rescue, evacuation, etc. The elderly, physically-challenged, and the injured will need your help.

The Portable Alien is a website designed for mobile phones. It is located at http://k.alientimes.org. The information on the Alien Times site is a mirror of that site.

All information in the Portable Alien section is subject to change. If you notice that something is outdated, please contact us.

Access Tsukuba information through your cellphone! If your cellphone has a camera and barcode (QR code) reading software, point it at the QR code above and you will be taken to the Portable Alien site on your cellphone.