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Back Pain? Visit Nihon Chiropractic Office

Author: Daniella Schmidt, Issue: December 2006, Topic: Medical, Location: Tsukuba City

A very common symptom of modern life is backpain. Most of us spend hours of time hunched over a computer, slouched in uncomfortable chairs made for someone else's body and do not exercise as much as we should. Over time, small, repeated movements can cause tension in our bodies and our muscles and bones try to compensate for the imbalance. Some of us have suffered from past injuries which continue to be part of our lives. Our aches and pains act up when we are stressed and tired from our fast paced existence. Most medical doctors prescribe pain medications for chronic pain which have their own set of unpleasant side effects and ultimately do not treat the underlying problem.

After moving to Tsukuba, I wanted to find a chiropractic doctor that could help me with my back pain. I had gone to quite a few doctors in the United States and had mixed experiences with the results. After many nights sleeping on a bed that is a little too firm and a pillow that is a little too high, a friend of mine took me to her chiropractor who had healed her back pain after having her first child and had healed her husband's hernia.

A typical visit to Terada Sensei's Nihon Chiropractic Office begins with an hour of full body massage. I must emphasize that this massage is THERAPEUTIC, not necessarily relaxing. The massage therapist deeply massages the muscles and targets pressure points and muscle insertion points. It is very painful sometimes, but from the results, I believe that the therapists really understand the muscle and bone structure and where to release tension.

After you are properly warmed up, Dr. Terada comes in and does some more massage, and then assesses where you need adjustments. This lasts for twenty minutes more. I always feel taller, relaxed, and balanced when I leave his office.

It is ideal if you attend the first appointment with someone who speaks Japanese well and can help you fill out the patient information form. Dr. Terada does speak some English, but truly, your body will speak for itself. He and his staff will be able to feel from your muscles where tension needs to be released and your body needs to be adjusted.

Nihon Chiropractic is located adjacent to the parking lot of LaLa Garden. To make an appointment, call 029-852-5252. To get there, take Tsuchiura Gakuen Dori, and go towards LaLa Garden. Just before LaLa Garden, turn left on the small street where there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken on the corner. Take the first right (you will be along the perimeter of a parking lot) and look for a small white house like building on the left (about 6 buildings down). An average visit costs about 5500 yen for about 1 and a half hours of care.

I would highly recommend this chiropractor if you suffer from chronic pain. Terada Sensei can help!

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