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Help Save a Life

Author: Save Zaya Fund, Issue: July 2007, Topic: Donations

Zaya (Shagdar Badralzaya), from Monglia, is currently a masters student in the Area Studies department at the University of Tsukuba. She arrived in March 2006 on JICE’s JDS program where she is focusing on enhancing the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle by providing veterinary services to livestock.

In March 2007, Zaya began to experience chronic headaches and attributed it to the stress of coursework and upcoming deadlines to her thesis. Afterwards, this was accompanied with vomiting whenever she ingested any food or liquids. At this point she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with acute renal failure, a disease where her kidneys were found to be 95% ineffective. Her blood was effectively poisoned and she underwent emergency dialysis. After a 2-week hospitalization, she was released and must now visit a clinic three times a week to undergo five-hour dialysis treatments. The health care system in Japan is advanced enough such that patients with renal failure can subsist on continuous dialysis treatments, but the Mongolian health care system is a different matter. In Mongolia, there is no well-established health care due to economic and practical hardships, and Mongolians generally consider this kidney disease a death sentence.

Luckily, Zaya has already found a kidney donor candidate, and would like to pursue the surgery while still in Japan. Since she is currently enrolled in the Japanese health insurance program, the cost of the surgery itself is not a large concern. However, after the kidney transplant is performed, she will need to take anti-rejection medications for 15 years. These medications are expensive and will cost approximately 160,000 JPY per month, or 30 million JPY for the entire 15-year duration.

With the typical Mongolian monthly salary of 10,000 JPY per month, Zaya’s family will not be able to support the required anti-rejection medications. Since it would be irresponsible to go through with the kidney transplant without securing these medications, we created the “Save Zaya Fund” to help pay the expenses that will be incurred. We have currently raised over 150,000 JPY and are continuing efforts to raise funds for Zaya’s successful kidney transplant. If you would like to help with these efforts, please visit the Save Zaya website. Furthermore, we are accepting donations via bank transfers:

Beneficiary Bank: 常陽銀行 研究学園都市支店 (Joyo Bank Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi Shiten)
Beneficiary Name: ザヤさんを救う会 (Save Zaya Fund)
Account Number (normal): 3416309

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at zayasukue[AT]gmail.com or at 029-853-2771 and ask for Nishimura. Please help us save a life!

Ed's Note: We first learned about Zaya in a Joyo Shinbun (http://joyo-net.com/) article, and would like to thank Joyo Shinbun and Tsukuba University International Student Center for helping us get in touch with the Help Zaya Fund.

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