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International School Begins 4th Year Of Operation

Author: Tim Boyle, Issue: September 1995, Topic: Education

T.I.E.S. said good-bye to several students as well as its principal teacher Paula Kelly this past summer, but it is proud to welcome several new students this fall. The first three years of operation have seen their share of problems as the school has had to function on an unsteady and very tight financial base while at the same time trying to become recognized by the government and community at large.

T.I.E.S.'s recent acceptance as a member of the Japan Council of International Schools will help provide resources as well as much needed advice to help in overcoming the many hurdles still in its path. Likewise, the planned organization of a formal Board of Regents with a broad-based representation of interested parties should go a long ways to further legitimize T.I.E.S.'s requests for financial aid from the city, prefecture and national governments. This aid can take place in the form of providing school facilities and funds to help with operational costs. Likewise, an increase in donations from private companies and individuals is also a vital part of T.I.E.S.'s plan to strengthen its financial base and be able to offer more financial aid to students whose families are on limited incomes.

These efforts are part of T.I.E.S.'s mid-range goals of relocating in central Tsukuba and being able to expand its services to include kindergarten and middle school-age children. It would be at this point, then, that the "E" (Elementary) that was added to T.I.S. to indicated that is the only group of children now being served will be removed. Anyone who is interested in helping out the school in this regard is urged to contact the school office at 51-5577 or the organizing chairperson, Tim Boyle, at 55-1907.

There is still a need for persons to serve as volunteers in certain capacities at the school (such as helping non-native English speakers work on their English), and all interested persons are urged to contact the school office for more information. A list of potential substitute teachers who might be able to fill in short-term in the event of an emergency is also being compiled. If you have the ability to teach and are potentially available to serve in such a capacity, please let the school know. With the number of children increasing, there is also a good possibility that T.I.E.S. will be seeking a salaried, part-time or even full-time assistant teacher in the near future. So please keep that in mind if you have an interest.

T.I.E.S. seeks the support of all in the international community to insure the best education possible for our children.

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