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Medical Questionnaire: February 2000

Author:Author unknown, Issue: February 2000, Topic: Medical

As part of its ongoing efforts to improve life for foreign researchers in Tsukuba, the Tsukuba International Network (made up of representatives from numerous institutes and other organizations with an interest in the international community) has commissioned the Alien Times to collect information through a questionnaire on people's experiences with the medical system. The following questionnaire was included in the December issue of the Alien Times, but there was no option for response other than by mail, which few people wanted to take the time and expense to do. Thus, we are including it again to ask you to please take a few minutes to respond to these questions as appropriate to your situation. You can respond by either fax at 0298-53-8260 or by email to anna at jistec.jst.go.jp. Whether you respond by fax or email, you only need to list the number of the questions you are responding to along with your response. Your input will be valuable, so please contribute your experiences in this way.

  1. Have you been to a hospital or clinic here in Tsukuba?
  2. If so, how did you choose that particular hospital or clinic?
  3. Did you have problems locating the hospital or clinic?
  4. Did you have problems understanding the system in that hospital or clinic? (for example: filling out forms, getting in line, etc.)
  5. Did you experience difficulties communicating with the staff?
  6. Did you experience difficulties communicating with the doctor?
  7. Have you or your family members been hospitalized in Tsukuba? If yes, did you have any significant problems?
  8. Have you experienced difficulties at the pharmacy concerning your medication?
  9. Have you experienced problems with your health insurance?
  10. When you go to a hospital or clinic, do you usually bring someone who can speak Japanese with you?
  11. Are there any hospitals or clinics you feel you can recommend? (Please include the reasons; they speak good English, friendly, etc.)
  12. Are there any hospitals or clinics you feel people should stay away from? (Please include the reasons)
  13. Would you find it useful if there were a telephone service in English which could direct you to hospitals and clinics? If yes, what sort of services would you like to see be made available?
  14. Would you find it useful if there were a service which provided interpreters to go with you to hospitals or clinics?
  15. Would you be willing to pay for such service or would you only use it if it were free?
  16. What do you think would be a reasonable price for such service?

Any other comments are welcome.

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