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Mind The Gap: July 2007

Author: Kate Neath, Issue: July 2007, Topic: Education, Mind the Gap, News, Newsletters, Students

Hi Everyone! Did you know, it is the One Year Anniversary of Mind The Gap? Hope you are all enjoying this monthly newsletter, specially catered for international students of Tsukuba University. Also, summer is the best time to climb Mt Fuji and do some traveling in Japan! Have fun! Kate

Scholarship Applications

The application period for various scholarships of 2008 that are recommended by Tsukuba University are from Friday 6th July to Friday 13th July. Self supporting students with a student visa can apply for these scholarships, and there is only one chance a year, so don't miss out! Students can get an application package at their academic service office. Please check it carefully and check the deadlines for application.

Entrance Examinations

There are many entrance examinations of graduate school in August, and their application periods are in July.

For details, please refer following website.


Don't forget the date, and prepare the necessary documents as soon as possible. I hope all the students pass the exam!

What to do if you get the flu

If you get the flu, cold, or injury, etc, go to the Tsukuba University Health Center (just up the ramp from the Post Office, near ISC) for a free Doctors consultation - check opening hours in the orange ISC Guidebook.

Here is the ISC website for guidebook pdf:


Make sure you get there early (at about 8:30am) to line up, as they only have room for the first 15-25 students. When you get there, fill out the forms (there is green English version available on the table to copy from) and show your student ID card. If the Doctor prescribes some medicine, you can receive it for free (from the window on the right).

If you need a Doctor on the weekend (or when the Health Center is closed), look on the internet for a Doctor and remember to take your National Health Insurance Card with you. There’s a list of Medical Clinics on the Tsukuba City Hall website (in English).


You will have to pay for the consultation and medicine at Medical Clinics outside the University.

For Dentist, ‘Katsuragi Dental Clinic’ is highly recommended. Located near Kasuga 3-chome, the Dentist can speak English fluently so you can communicate easily. The surgery is extremely comfortable, with a homely atmosphere and friendly staff. Make appointment by phone: 029-861-8811.

Here is the website:


Remember - keep your receipts to obtain medical reimbursement later. Fill out the form for reimbursement at International Student Center to get your money back. You will need to give your JOYO bank account details so the money can be transferred straight into your account.


Do you find the milk tastes different in Japan? The reason is that the majority of milk brands in Japan process the milk at high temperatures (130 degrees Celsius for 2 seconds). If you usually drink fresh milk that is processed more gently at a lower temperature in your home country, and would like to purchase something similar, why not try this ‘Low Temperature Milk’, available at Kasumi supermarket in Tsukuba. It is processed at 66 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, resulting in a more delicious and fresh-tasting milk. It is a little more expensive, but worth it!

Comelon - New Restaurant

Do you miss the delicious taste of Asian or Latin American food? Well, why not try the new restaurant called “Comelon”!! It is owned and managed by Walter from Ecuador and Deden from Indonesia, who are both PhD graduates from Tsukuba University. “Comelon” is conveniently located just next to Oikoshi 711 (previously Bloom Bar), and offers cheap and delicious Asian and Latin America cuisine with cozy tropical environment. The restaurant also provides "halal meat" that is very difficult to find in some restaurants in Tsukuba.

Special menu of Comelon: Nasi goreng (fried rice), green/red curry, ceviche de pescado, menestra, avocado salad etc. with tropical fruit juices and dessert (tamarind, mango, & guava juice), and pumpkin/green bean puree. Prices: meals 500-680 yen, deserts/salads/drinks 220 yen.

Comelon also caters for parties/groups – if you wish to book an event or large group, please reserve at least 2 days in advance!

Location: Amakubo 1-10-26, 2F (beside CUT-BOX, next to Oikoshi 711).

Opening Hours: Open every day (except Tuesday),

Lunch 11: 30 am - 3 pm, Dinner 5 pm - 11 pm.

Contact: 090-9800-0595 or 090-6119-8998

YOUGAKUSEI COMICS by Herb Fondevilla


Views from the Shokudou

What are you studying in Tsukuba University? Are you going on holiday during summer or do you have to continue study in Tsukuba?

Summer is here, and many international students of Tsukuba are making plans for travel overseas or sightseeing Japan, going home to visit family and friends, or staying in Tsukuba to prepare for Entrance examinations or to work on Masters/PhD thesis and final presentation. Let’s see what some of our fellow students have planned!

Md. Aminul Islam, Institute of Geoscience, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science

I am a university teacher in Bangladesh. I am here as a Ph.D student in the division of Earth evolution Sciences, Graduate School of life and environmental Sciences. My scholarship programme is a bit different. It's called Ronpaku (Dissertation Ph.D programme) sponsored by JSPS. It's a three years programme. According to regulations, I can visit Japan up to 90 days for every fiscal year. This is my last year. I will go back to Bangladesh by July 29. Meanwhile I have to give a presentation as a semi-final defense. I am really very busy to organize so many stuffs. In coming November, I will be again in Tsukuba for final defense. This time two months already spent, I could not even get a chance to visit Tsukuba center yet. Till morning to midnight, I stay behind my computer to expedite my research. There are alot more things to do!! I don't know what's going on in this university campus, or in Tsukuba or in Japan. I only know my professor. Lab mates are friendly but a little bit introvert. So no scope to interact with people either native or foreigner. There are many constraints to conduct research here, even then I am thankful to JSPS for funding and grateful to my professor to allow me as his student. This is of course a nice opportunity to get a good exposure and scope to earn Ph.D degree from an advance country like Japan. Finally, lets hope for the best”.

Comments, Questions, or Information?

Please email to Kate Neath at:
We will try to include them in the next issue!

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