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Mind The Gap: December 2007

Author: Kate Neath, Issue: December 2007, Topic: Education, Mind the Gap, News, Newsletters, Students

Hi Everyone! December is a fun month for Xmas Parties and Bounenkai’s! If you are staying in the dormitories over the Xmas period, make sure you have a heater as the internal heating system is shut down and it becomes freezing! Also, check the open/close times of the ofuro. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!! From Kate

ISC Schedule

The International Student Center's office will be closed from Dec 29 (Sat.), 2007, until Jan 6 (Sun.), 2008. Students can sign for the scholarship for December until Dec 28 (Fri.), by 17:00. As for the scholarship for January, the International Students Center's office will open on Jan 7 (Mon), from 9:00 a.m, and receive signatures for scholarship. If students sign for scholarship by Jan 15 (Tue.), they will receive the monthly stipend on January 28 (Mon.).

Christmas lights in Tsukuba

From Dec 5 – Dec 25, 100 Christmas trees will be decorated at Tsukuba Center's plaza space. These trees are beautifully illuminated, and becomes a very popular spot for visitors. Commencing with small concerts, many events will be held at this. For details: http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~tug/2007/07chritop2.html (in Japanese)

Salsa Party

Date: December 9, 2007 Time: 7pm to 9:40pm Place: Backyard Cafe (Ninomiya 2-14-15) – near Doho Park Fee: 1000 yen (includes one drink) Contact: salsa-tsukuba[AT]104.net Source: http://blog.alientimes.org/

Job Hunting

Job hunting – ‘Shushoku–katsudou’ – for students has started! Don’t miss out if you are thinking of looking for employment in Japan. Students who will graduate in March 2009 and start employment in April 2009 have already started attending seminars and preparing for looking for a job. Many companies will come to Tsukuba University and make presentations about their company profile, and the ‘entry’ (application, exam and interviews) will generally start from March 2008, however, it’s best to check as some companies such as the field of chemical engineering have already started accepting entry applications. The exams are in Japanese, so you’ll need a high level of Japanese ability to pass, but if you study hard and prepare well, there is a chance you’ll get to the interview stage, especially if you have another language (s) which are in high demand for the company. It is also possible to receive a reference from your Professor to have an interview with a company, so ask your faculty office about this.

Procedures for applying for job

Japan has a very structured method for job hunting, so I highly recommend asking your Japanese friends for help/advice and even better if you can go through the process together!

NOTE: the order of these steps varies with each company, so you should always check the company website to confirm.

1. Register on company website – even if you are not interested in the company, or still thinking, you should still register and then the company will send you information about the seminar and exam schedules. Sometimes companies go through ‘Rikunabi’ website for applications.

2. The company will send you the entry sheet, which you should take time to fill in perfectly, and submit before the deadline.

3. Attend company seminar – make sure you arrive early for the seminar to give good impression. Follow the dress-code of black/dark grey suit, white shirt, and tie for boys.

4. If you pass the ‘entry’ application process, you’ll be asked for an interview (s). Good luck!

Many companies will come to the Tsukuba University daigaku-kaikan (University Hall). Here are some of the companies that will be coming and making presentations at the Daigakukaikan from 2-5pm.

6 Dec - For example, Fujitsu, Tokyo Gas,

7 Dec – Google, Sharp, Mizuho Financial Group, HIS

12 Dec – NTT East Japan, JR West Japan

17 Dec – Hitachi, Fuji Film, Itaham

18 Dec – NHK, SAP Japan, Nichirei Group

8 Jan – Yahoo, Sony, Yamaha

9 Jan – Uni Charm, Sumitomo Shouji (trading company)

15 Jan – NEC, Kyocera, Mitsui Sumitomo UFJ Bank, Hewlett Packard Japan

16 Jan – Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Itochu, Ajinomoto

22 Jan – Mitsubishi Denki, Dentsu Advertising,

23 Jan – Toshiba, Canon

29 Jan – JAL, NTT Data

Cosmos - Cafe Internationale

There are almost 16000 students enrolled at Tsukuba University. How many Japanese students do you know?

There is a big gap between the international students and the Japanese students here at the university. Both sides think it is a waste and a pity. Cosmos is the bridge!

Please come if you want to make new friends from all around the world. Please come if you want to drink good coffee!

Comments, Questions, or Information?

Please email to Kate Neath at:
We will try to include them in the next issue!

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