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Narita Airport Parking Options

Author: Author unknown, Issue: October 1998, Topic: Airports, Cars

Taking a trip overseas for a few days or weeks? If you have a car, you may want to consider long-term parking at the Airport instead of taking the infrequent bus or imposing on a friend to take you. There are now 4 different operators that manage long-term parking lots near the entrance to Narita Airport, and particularly for people going in groups of two or more, they may even be more economical than public transportation in addition to being more convenient.

"USA Parking" (tel.: 0120-390952) and "New USA Parking" (tel.: 0120-153795) are the cheapest of the four, with basic rates starting at 1000 per day plus a 300 one-time "service charge." The "New USA Parking" rates are 1000 per day for the first 3 days, and from day 4 through day 10, there is a flat rate of 4900, with 500 per day being added on after that. Unlike the other lots, however, this lot does not include a car wash in the service. It is located behind the "USA Parking"lot, which is next to the Narita Nikko Hotel (JAL) an the intersection of Highway 295 and Highway 44 as you approach the airport.

The "USA Parking" has a slightly different rate structure, with the first 4 days being 1000 per day (plus the 300 service charge), but then being a flat 5900 for however many days you are over that. In other words, for anything over 12 days, this place becomes the cheapest, and they throw in a car wash before they hand over your car. All you need to do upon returning is to give them a call as you come out of customs, and they will pick you up within 5 to 10 minutes and take you to your clean and readied car. (All of the lots operate the same way at this point, except for "New USA Parking" not offering the car wash). They also have a web page for further info at: http://www005.upp.so-net.ne.jp/usap/english/index.html

The two other lots go by the names "J Parking" (tel.: 0120-549595) and "J2 Parking" (tel: 0120-861595). Both of these lots begin at 2300 for the first day (including the service fee) and increase at 1000 per day after that up to 7300 for 6 days. After that, "J Parking" goes to a flat rate of 8200 for any period over that, while "J2 Parking" remains at the 7300 for anything from day 6 on. "J Parking" has the advantage of having all of its parking areas covered with a roof so that especially in summer, the temperature in a car doesn’t get so hot. As for "J2 Parking" it offers you the option of a kind of valet service, where they drive you in your car right to the terminal, drop you off, and then park your car for you. On your return, then, they come and pick you up right in your own car, thus saving you the trouble of transferring bags from one car to another. If, however, you are content with the minibus service like the other parking lots offer, they will deduct 1000 from the bill, so that it becomes essentially the same rate as "USA Parking"

"J Parking" is located in front of the Narita Tokyu Hotel, which is the first large hotel you come to as you approach the airport on 295, about 2 km after the intersection with Route 51 (a complicated intersection, where the section leading into the airport, route 295, becomes elevated). "J2 Parking" is located besides the Marodo International Hotel on the way out from the airport just past the intersection with Route 44, where the Holiday Inn is located. To get there, turn right (away from the Holiday Inn) at the intersection, cross over the expressway, and turn right again. It will be on your left.

Each of the parking lots is prepared to take reservations in English, and so after you decide which of the 4 lots sounds best for your needs, give them a call and let them know when you want to drop off your car. Once you arrive, they’ll take it from there and see to it that you get to the right terminal as quickly as possible.

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