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New Sweet Sweets Shop Opens

Author: Rick Weisburd, Issue: October 1999, Topic: Shopping

Mr. and Mrs. Kamiwaki are among the nicest people I have met in Tsukuba. Some of you may know them from the Friday night pub that Martin and Mie Roche-Nishimori used to run at Free Space K, a semi-public space the Kamiwakis fixed up on the first floor of their house. Free space K is available for music and drama performances, group meetings of various kinds and parties. Now Mrs. Kamiwaki has opened a sweet shop 3 days/week. Below is an announcement about the shop. If you have any interest, then please stop in.

The Japanese Corner, a new sweet shop, is open!!!

Free Space K 2257-2 Karima, Tsukuba Tel: 52-1918

Hours: Tue. Wed. Thur. (including Holidays) From 10:00AM through 5:00PM


  • Mitsumame 350 yen
  • Cream Mitsumame 400 yen
  • Anmitsu 380 yen
  • Cream Anmitsu 420 yen
  • Tokoroten 300 yen
  • Coffee 250 yen
  • Tea 250 yen
  • Juice (Ume: Japanese apricot, grape, orange) 280 yen
  • Inarizushi 80 yen/pc
  • Home baked bread 60-120 yen/pc

Mitsumame is a kind of Japanese sweet that has gelatine made of Tengusa (Agar-agar, a kind of seaweed), brown beans and small pieces of seasonal fruits served with dark sugar syrup.

Anmitsu is similar to Mitsumame, but with An (sweet cooked adzuki beans).

Cream Mitsumame and Cream Anmitsu are served together with a scoop of ice cream.

Tokoroten is also made of Tengusa, but is not sweet. It is served with vinegar and soy sauce.

If you are not familiar with Japanese sweets and curious about what these things are, then The Japanese Corner of Free Space K is a good place to start.

Mrs. Yoko Kamiwaki is running the place. She makes the gelatine and 'an' from scratch. Unlike the ones you get at other coffee shops, these items are not too sweet. Yoko-san is a very casual and kind person so you can ask her about the food anytime.

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