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New Tsukuba Forum: Tsukuband

Author: Jason Walker, Issue: December 2006, Topic: Communication, Tsukublog

A new forum has been created for people in Tsukuba. Jason offers the following description

Welcome to the New Tsukuba Forum! Started by Zsolt Gercsi, from Hungary, it's a great, basic way to communicate with people from the Tsukuba community, but what else is it good for? For a start, you can create discussions and topic threads about any subject under the sun (within reason of course); you might want to open a discussion about your favourite movie ... or the state of the world economy. It's up to you! It's also good way to connect with and meet people inside and outside the Tsukuba community and make new friends, join in open invitation group events or parties, make suggestions for events and gather support, learn about local events and options for entertainment in and around Tsukuba, or in other parts of Japan. It can be used in conjunction with the useful Taira network as another place to leave information, sell or request items without the fear of them being deleted into oblivion immediately by those Taira users who are less than happy with 'spamverts'. Your posts will have another breathing space, and discussions will be viewable in one, convenient area. (You can also choose whether to receive email notifications for your topics or not, so your inbox or spam box doesn't have to get clogged with everyone elses replies and comments).

The Tsukuba Forum ... or Tsukuband as it's known at the moment ... is a public forum, essentially run by the public so its success depends on everyone and their individual input. If you hear of an event, discover a new bar or place to eat, have some information about English speaking medical establishments, find something interesting about Tsukuba, or Japan, and want to share it please take a couple of minutes to add it, even if you don't want to join in a discussion. The forum is also meant as a reference point for people in Tsukuba, people visiting Tsukuba, people who have lived in Tsukuba in the past, or those who are just curious about life here and what goes on.

One thing to remember about a forum like this is it's viewable to anybody, anywhere, who will have different ideas and beliefs, ... it really is international ... so it needs some care and attention when posting. One request from the administration is that an awareness of other people's sensibilities is maintained as best as possible at all times. As long as people are thoughtful, there's no reason why the Tsukuba forum shouldn't be a fun place to gather for some lively discussion and debate, and go from strength to strength. We're looking for category suggestions, new topics and discussions and info all the time. Please contribute to Tsukuband today!

Source: TsukuBlog
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