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Newspaper Articles Prompt Public Response In Support Of TIS

Author: Tsukuba International School, Issue: January 1997, Topic: News

As mentioned in the November issue of the Alien Times, Tsukuba International School has for several months been trying to locate new facilities to move into due to the scheduled demolition of the Joyful Gakushusha building it is now occupying.

A series of articles in the Ibaraki section of the Yomiuri Shinbun as well as a recent article in the Asahi Shinbun concerning this crisis situation and the unsuccessful bid of the city to locate TIS in an unused section of a local elementary school has prompted numerous calls of support and even the offering of buildings as possible relocation sites. The first article appeared in the Dec. 28 issue, and was followed up by another article on January 9. There was also a third article in the Jan. 14 issue concerning a meeting between TIS representatives and the newly elected mayor, Masakazu Fujisawa. The Asahi article appeared Jan. 16.

At the meeting with the mayor, he indicated that the city was able to arrange a room in the Toyosato Public Hall that TIS could have exclusive use of along with shared usage of other facilities. While the adjoining recreational facilities would be a tremendous asset, the TIS room itself would only be a bit more than half the size of the present room, and being rather far from the center of Tsukuba would make the daily commute rather difficult.

The three Yomiuri articles and a subsequent one in the Asahi, however, have led to TIS being offered three other options for building sites, each, of course, with their plusses and minuses. The final decision of which option to go with and when the actual move will take place will be made at the Board of Advisors meeting on Jan. 25. TIS has until the end of February to physically make the move, and so there will be up to about 5 weeks to make the necessary preparations of the new location. As TIS has been using desks, blackboards, book cases, etc. that for the most part were provided by Joyful, those items will also have to be procured. Likewise, depending on the location chosen, appropriate play equipment will also need to be obtained. If any A.T. readers have equipment appropriate for a school like TIS that you can donate, please contact the school (contact information available on website). Details of the impending move along with new telephone numbers etc. will be printed in the Feb. issue of the Alien Times.

TIS wishes to express its thanks to Mr. Susumu Aoki, the President of The Joyful Athletic Club, for his help over the last four and a half years in arranging for the room in the Joyful Gakushusha and allowing TIS to use their pool and indoor tennis court twice a week during that time.

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