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Ninomiya House: The Beauty of Living in its Community

Author: Basudha Dhakal, Issue: October 2006, Topic: Community

Home is where the heart is. Ninomiya House is the place where my heart is. Ninomiya House is an inspiration for me to stay in Japan and is like a “home” and many wonderful people live in it. It is a place which bonds people from different parts of the world and brings out the similarities in different cultures and human feelings; indeed we only look different but are so similar inside our hearts.

Perhaps motherhood is the best feeling in the world. Raising two little bundles of joy is a rollercoaster ride and each moment is as good as the other. How a mother manages to fly between ten different things and simultaneously keep an eye on the child is a miracle. Good parenting perhaps should be project-work for the graduate school of management courses! A good mother is always like a Superwomen, but in times of difficulty when the Superman is away (the Daddy) then she is helpless, but the other superwomen of Ninomiya House come to rescue.

Here comes the episode when I had a rough time. I had a minor fracture in my leg. It was really a bad time for me struggling between my part-time English teaching job, two little boys and my husband being away for two weeks. And on top of that the doctor told me not to walk on it for 7 days. He handed me a supporter for my legs which I turned down immediately. If I held the support who would hold the babies? I was wondering how I could take care of my little ones with the pain that was a little unbearable. And on top of that I had a taxi driver who was so rude and told me “Hayaku Noteyo!” (hurry up and get in). Well, these taxi drivers should be given a lesson in humanity. However, good experiences come after the bad ones.

As I reached Ninomiya House, my heart got a bit of relief. Some of the residents saw me in the bandage and walking like a tortoise, they immediately came to help me. If I would have lived in an all-Japanese apartment, I probably wouldn’t have known my neighbors. That is how it was in the five different places I have lived in Japan over the past eight years. I am glad that we are now living in Ninomiya House. Immediately, my friends in Ninomiya House offered to help in any way they could. One of my friends from Armenia came to see me, did my shopping, and even looked after my child. My friend from India also came to see me with some delicious food. And all my friends from Russia, Korea, and Japan were so concerned about me.

I am sure many people have had good and bad experiences in Japan. I had an unpleasant experience but it turned out sweet; I managed to survive crawling like a snail for few days. I am highly indebted to all of my friends at Ninomiya House and I must say thanks to JISTEC for a house which has become “Ninomiya Home” for me.

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