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Nova Hall and Tsukuba Capio Schedule: January 2007

Author: Tsukuba Cultural Foundation, Issue: January 2007, Topic: Events, Location: Tsukuba City

Nova Hall Schedule

Closed: 1 (Mon.), 2 (Tue.), 3 (Wed.), 9 (Tue.), 15 (Mon.), 22 (Mon.), 29 (Mon.)

Date & time: 4 (Thu.) 9:00
Content: Nova Hall Reservation of January, 2008

Date & time: 6 (Sat.) to 8 (Mon.) All day
Content: Recording
Price: Members only

Date & time: 13 (Sat.) 14:00
Content: Minori Kindergarten & Wakaba Nursery Center New Year Concert
Price: Free

Date & time: 13 (Sat.) 18:00
Content: Rehearsal
Price: Members only

Date & time: 14 (Sun.) 10:30
Content: The 2nd Students Piano Competition of East Kanto Area
Price: Free

Date & time: 20 (Sat.) 15:00
Content: Concert Copenhagen
Price: Reserved seats only
A3,500 yen, B2,500 yeh, C1,500 yen

Date & time: 21(Sun.) 14:00
Content: Shiraishi Piano Concert Final Stage
Price: Free

Date & time: 26 (Fri.) 18:00
Content: Rehearsal
Price: Members only

Date & time: 27 (Sat.) 19:00
Content: Prom nerd Concert in 2007 of Tsukuba University Orchestra
Price: Free

Date & time: 28 (Sun.) 13:30
Content: Ensemble Concert in 2007 of Tsukuba University Symphonic Band
Price: Free

Date & time: 31 (Wed.) 19:00
Content: Ensemble Ongaku zanmai Concert
Price: Non-reserved seats only
Advanced ticket 2,500 yen (On that day ticket 3,000 yen), Student 1,500 yen

Tsukuba Capio

Closed: 1 (Mon.), 2 (Tue.), 3 (Wed.), 9 (Tue.), 15 (Mon.), 22 (Mon.), 29 (Mon.)

Date & time: 7 (Sun.) 11:45
Content: 20 years-old Cerebration of Tsukuba Residents
Price: Members only
Place: Arena

Date & time: 13 (Sat.), 14 (Sun.) 10:00
Content: Mitsui Home Interior Fair
Price: Free
Place: Arena

Date & time: 12 (Fri.) 19:00, 13 (Sat.) & 14 (Sun.) 11:00, 14:00
Content: Public Hall Performance Create Network Program in 2006
Buchettino: The Story of Thumbkin
Price: Sold out
Place: Hall

Date & time: 16 (Tue.) undecided
Content: Minori Kindergarten & Wakaba Nursery Center
Price: undecided
Place: Hall

Date & time: 21 (Sun.) 9:30
Content: Badminton Competitions in New Year, Tsukuba
Price: Observation only
Place: Arena

Date & time: 21 (Sun.) 16:00
Content: The 5th Performance of Small Ballet Dancer
Price: Free
Place: Hall

Date & time: 26 (Fri.) 19:00, 27 (Sat.) 17:00, 28 (Sun.) 15:00
Content: Issey OGATA One-Man Show “Non-Stop Life of Issey Ogata in 2007”
Price: Reserved seats only S4,000 yen, A3,000 yen ‘A tickets are only Tsukuba Capio available)
Place: Hall

Date & time: 28 (Sun.) 10:30
Content: Ibaraki Kids Aerobic Festival in 2007
Part 1 Kids Aerobic Class
Part 2 Performance
Price: only part 1 or 2 each part is 1,000 yen, through ticket 1,500 yen, Adult for performer 500 yen
Place: Arena

Date & time: 30 (Tue.) 13:00
Content: New Year’s Rally in Ibaraki
Price: Advanced ticket 500 yen, on that day ticket 700 yen
Place: Arena

Tsukuba Cultural Foundation
1-10-1 Takezono, Tsukuba

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