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Reporter For Science Magazine Coming To Tsukuba

Author: Douglas Tweet, Issue: November 1996, Topic: Events, Speeches

Dennis Normile, Japan reporter for Science Magazine, will be one of the speakers at the December 4 meeting of "TAIRA", the Tsukuba Area International Research Association, to be held at the Tsukuba Research Consortium. Also speaking will be Stephen Turnbull, an economist at the University of Tsukuba.

This last spring, TAIRA, a monthly meeting for foreign researchers, was begun in the Tsukuba area to help make life and work here more profitable. The idea for such a group bounced around for a number of years but got off the ground at the prompting of the US. Embassy in Tokyo. One of the objectives of our meetings is to provide an opportunity for researchers to meet each other and to learn what they are doing. Another objective is to provide an opportunity to meet people from the technical business community in Japan. Finally, we would like to provide an opportunity for people to announce items of interest to the other attendees. The meetings are held in English, but we wish to encourage both foreign and Japanese researchers and technical people to attend.

So far this year we have had speakers discuss an eclectic mix of subjects, such as the status of science in Japan, issues facing the managing of a semiconductor factory, how to use a microwave oven to synthesize chemicals, the use of bubbles to catalyze reactions, how to write snazzy Macintosh software, and how to start and run a small business in Japan. We have had speakers from the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research (NIMC), the Institute for Solid State Physics at the University of Tokyo, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and the U.S. Embassy, to name a few.

The schedule for the next meeting is as follows:

Place: Tsukuba Research Consortium (TRC), Hall, 2nd floor
Date: Wednesday, December 4, 1996

6:30-7:00 Social "Half-Hour" with pizza & drinks (1,500 yen per person)
7:00-7:10 Opening comments by Robert Lewis, Associate Director of TR
7:10-7:50 "The Confessions of a Techno-voyeur" Dennis Normile, Science Magazine
7:50-8:30 "Adam Through the Looking Glass: Academics and Economics in Japan", Stephen Turnbull, Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences, University of Tsukuba
8:30-9:00 Free discussion (announcements, items of interest, etc.)

Future meetings are planned for January 8, and thereafter the first Wednesday of every month. Because of the need to order food in advance, if you plan to attend the Dec. 4 meeting, please inform Robert Lewis of your attendance by noon Dec. 4 (lewis[at]trc-net.co.jp, Fax: 0298-47-8900, or Tel: 0298-47-8711). If you have email and wish to receive future announcements automatically, send a message to majordomo[at]trc-net.co.jp. In your message, please include the following text in the body of the message (not in the title section): "subscribe taira" We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

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