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Susan Hasumi Exhibit in Moriya

Author: Tim Boyle, Issue: January 2007, Topic: Events, Location: Moriya City

Susan Hasumi is an American artist who will be having a one-woman show of her work in Moriya City here in Ibaraki from Thursday, January 25th to Sunday, January 28th at the Galatea Gallery. Susan is originally from central Kansas and has been living in Japan since 1983. She graduated from Marymount College of Kansas with a degree in art, and after meeting her husband Takashi at the University of Kansas Graduate School, she came to Japan. Like many foreigners in Japan, she teaches English, but now teaching English serves a different purpose as it has been supporting her art for the past four years.

After meeting Ryoko Watanabe, Susan was introduced to the Kyokubi Art Association and has become active in showing her work in group exhibitions of the association. She has won two awards with the Kyokubi Art Association group exhibitions, one at the Tsukuba Ibaraki Art Museum show and one at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The January exhibition of her work will include work from the past two years and current work. She has a wide range of creativity, dabbling in many mediums. She enjoys doing working in oil, watercolor, oil pastel, pencil, and acrylics. Susan will have several works with collage elements and textural pieces. Her personal favorite is Joan of Arc, which was exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and now will be shown in Moriya for the first time. Joan of Arc is F100 in size and is a new modern expression of an old theme. Susan likes to make new icons of Christian themes. But she does not limit her works to these themes. She also likes to do purely textural pieces and pieces that combine western and Japanese themes. Her current work also includes Japanese designs.

The Galatea Gallery in Moriya City is near the TX station. Susan will be at the gallery all four days of her show to welcome visitors and answer any questions about her work. All of her work will be for sale. The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The first floor of Galatea is an artsy hair place, and on the second floor is the gallery, a large beautiful space with a table for tea and coffee for those wishing to rest and relax. It is a beautiful building and an interesting place for those of you who have never been there. Galatea Gallery has an ongoing revolving exhibition schedule of local and national artists and art parties, including music jazz nights. It is close enough to become a fun place to go for people living in Tsukuba who have an interest in the arts.

For more information on the Galatea Gallery, Hasumi Susan Exhibition, and the location Galatea Far East:
Telephone: 0297-45-9792
201-3 Tashizawa Moriya City
Kami Kobou / Galatea Gallery 2nd Floor

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