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TIS Children Write Letters to Alien Times

Author: Tsukuba International School, Issue: January 1997, Topic: Letters To Or From The Editor

The children at Tsukuba International School composed the following letters about things they would like to see be done in Tsukuba to improve life.

I think that there is too much garbage on the road in Tsukuba. People throw garbage from their cars. At my old school, we had garbage picking up, but there was so much of it that it didn't make any difference. There were at least two sacks of cans and burnable garbage. I think it's a big problem. If people will stop throwing garbage on the road, this could be solved. But they won't stop. Do you think there is anything that we could do?

Erin Axton 10

During the past few year, vehicles, electric plants, factories and garbage have been making more pollution in Tsukuba. I ride to school by car every morning and see lots of exhaust from cars, buses and trucks. When I open my window to get air, all I get is lots of exhaust. Tap water doesn't taste good any more. In the parks I notice garbage in the ponds. People also throw out old bikes and appliances at the side of the road. I've even seen people throw trash out of their car windows.

I think that people will get sick unless we do something about it. People should be thinking of ways to prevent pollution before they think of new technologies that make pollution. I think people should be more aware of now much thy pollute when throw away something that can be recycled. We should walk if at all possible or ride a bike instead of using the cars. We should also try to find new ways to make electricity and energy without making pollution. Our world would be a much cleaner and healthier place if people tried to prevent pollution.

Aaron May 11

My friend and I need smoother roads to rollerblade. My mom gets sick and nervous after riding her bike on such roads. My friend almost broke his arm after he ran into a hole 20 cm. dep on a road that was made for rollerblading. So, please improve them either by making new roads every time the old one breaks or by rebuilding the road every time it has a bump on it. Hope you'll take it seriously enough.

Ilya Matveev, the Great Rollerblader 11

Kittens are growing up and cats are getting old. Due to that, there are a lot of cat fights that annoy a lot of people. There are WAY too many homeless cats in Tsukuba. I like animals very much and I think it's cruel to put them to sleep. Why do people throw animals out?! Why not find owners? I have 3 cats and would like to find them good owners. 1 boy & 2 girls. Two of them are kittens (about 2 and a half months old). The mother is long-furred. If you are interested, please call Nastia Groverman.

Nastia Groverman 11

I feel that there is too much pollution. To stop that I think people should not dump trash out in the ocean and on land. I think that everything that can be recycled should be recycled. And people should ride bicycles more instead of cars.

Alecia May 9

I need smoother roads to rollerblade on in Tsukuba. Bumpy roads are a pain. If you rollerblade, you will know. I hate tripping every 20 strides I take. I like to rollerblade, but it gets on my nerves. Several times my brother and sister have tripped near my house because of bumpy roads and loose gravel.

Loose sewer lids are a big problem near our house. Little sewer lids get wobbly and once my sister got her leg stuck. I really think they should be fixed by the city department of safety.

Michael Dewit 11

I can't sleep because my father talks too loud. Please give me advice what to do about this problem

Joyce Wong 10

In the summer cats came to our house and garden to relieve themselves and they cried loudly so I couldn't go to sleep. Please help us by giving us some ideas of how to keep the cats out of the garden. I like them but I want to have a good sleep.

Karen Wong 11

Thanks, kids, for your interesting letters about things that bother you. They ranged from the easily solved (like asking your dad to be quiet) to those nobody seems to be able to solve (like getting rid of car exhaust). A famous saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." So perhaps one day you will be able to solve some of these problems your elders haven't been able to do. Keep up the good work!

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