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Tsukuba Excursion Bus Ticket

Author: Tsukuba Information Center, Issue: June 2006, Topic: Buses, Tourism, Location: Ishioka City, Sakuragawa City, Tsuchiura City, Tsukuba City, Yasato Town

The Ibaraki Prefectural Government and five cities have tied up with Kanto Tetsudo to introduce the 'Tsukuba Shuyu Junkai Bus' or an excursion round-trip bus available only on Saturdays and Sundays from May 27th to June 25th (2006) to promote sightseeing to outer Tsukuba areas such as Yasato, Makabe (now Sakuragawa), Ishioka, and Tsuchiura.

It's a hop-on hop-off style of bus tour and it costs 1,500 yen for adults and 750 yen for children.

There are both clockwise ('soto-mawari') and counterclockwise ('uchimawari') routes and you can take a bus in front of Seibu Dept. Store near the TX Tsukuba Station as well as other bus-stops. Bus tickets are sold at Tsukuba Gakuen Service Center at the Tsukuba Bus Terminal or on the bus.

This bus would be convenient for those who don't drive in Tsukuba (or eco-friendly people) but want to visit the Flower Park in former Yasato Town(now Ishioka City) (Rose festival is being held until July 2nd) or take a public bath at Yurinosato Hot Spring.

For example, you take the 9:00 bus at the Tsukuba Station and arrive at the Flower Park at 10:35. After seeing roses and eating picnic lunch, you take the 13:50 bus to Yurinosato (14:05) and refresh yourself with open-air public bath, and take the 16:05 bus back to the Tsukuba Station at 17:25.

The bus services are not so frequent like 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00 from Tsukuba St. to Makabe and Yasato areas (soto-mawari) and 8:55, 9:55, 10:25, 13:55, 14:55, 15:25 from Tsukuba St. to Tsuchiura and Kasumigaura Lake.

So I suppose you have to be very puntual not to miss a bus!



Tsukuba Center9.0010.0011.0014.0015.00
WanWan Land9.2710.2711.2714.2715.27
Lake Tsukushi9.3510.3511.3514.3515.35
Makabe Station10.0011.0012.0015.0016.00
Yasato Onsen Yuri no Sato10.3011.3012.3015.3016.30
Flower Park10.3511.3512.3515.3516.35
Hitachi Fudoki no Take10.5011.5012.5015.5016.50
JR Ishioka Station11.0512.0513.0513.3514.3516.0517.05
Kasumigaura Environmental Science Center11.4514.1515.1516.455.00
JR Tsuchiura Station12.0514.3515.3517.055.00
Kameshiro Park12.1014.4015.4017.105.00
Tsukuba Center12.3015.0016.0017.305.00


Tsukuba Center8.559.5510.2513.5514.5515.25
Kameshiro Park9.1510.1510.4514.1515.1515.45
JR Tsuchiura Station9.2010.2010.5014.2015.2015.50
Kasumigaura Environmental Science Center9.4010.4011.1014.4015.4016.10
JR Ishioka Station8.2010.2011.2011.5013.2015.2016.2016.50
Hitachi Fudoki no Take8.3510.3511.3513.3515.35
Flower Park8.5010.5011.5013.5015.50
Yasato Onsen Yuri no Sato9.0511.0512.0514.0516.05
Makabe Station9.4011.4012.4014.4016.40
Lake Tsukushi9.5011.5012.5014.5016.50
WanWan Land9.5811.5812.5814.5816.58
Tsukuba Center10.2512.2513.2515.2517.25

For more information, please visit https://www.mir.co.jp/./uploads/20060519201058.pdf or call Kanto Tetsudo at 029-822-3724.

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