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Ushiku Pond

Author:Nicolas Delerue, Issue: May 2003, Topic: Tourism

Ushiku Pond
Over the Higashi-yata River
The little shrine at the tip of the lake

You may have noticed this pond on the south east of Tsukuba. A nice place to go on a sunny Sunday.

This pond is at the junction of two small streams called Nishi-yata River and Higashi-yata River. Even though little water flows in these 2 streams, they become very broad when they reach the pond, forming 2 arms that extend on a few kilometers. A little Shinto shrine devoted to the pond's deity is located at the tip between the two arms of the pond. The Edo Warp Station is a theme park that lets you slip back to the time of the Edo Era.

From Tsukuba Center, you need to go to the south-east to reach Ushiku Pond. The best way to do so is to take the Tsuchiura-gakuen Dori (the street passing between Seibu and the tallest building of Tsukuba, Mitsui building). Coming from the bus terminal, turn right on Tsuchiura-gakuen Dori. Cross Nishi Odori and keep going in the same direction (you are now on road 408) a few hundreds meters later there is a bridge passing over road 408, just before the intersection where road 408 turns left. Turn left before the bridge (take the bridge if you are on the right side of the road). Down from the bridge begins a cycling path that goes all the way across Matsushiro, crossing parks and gardens on its way. Cycle on this path all the way until its ends (near the Hanamasa Meat Market), then turn right and follow the road. Soon this road crosses a four-lane road (road 408 again). Cross road 408 and keep going in the same direction (toward the southeast). There are many little roads going across the paddy fields; choose whichever you want, as long as you keep road 408 to your back or on your left. You will probably reach the Institute for Agricultural Science; go around it on the right. The next multi-lane 2-way road you reach is Science Odori. Cross it and keep going on the road on which you are, heading toward Yatabe. After something like 2 kilometers you should pass the Yatabe clinic and then reach road 354. Cross it and turn right on the next road. Soon you should arrive at a bridge over the Higashi-yata River. Cross the bridge and turn left to follow the Higashi-yata River downstream. After a few kilometers you should reach the Shrine at the tip of the Ushiku Pond.

You can find more details and pictures of this park at http://alientimes.free.fr/sunnysunday

To provide the best ideas to everybody, we need your suggestions. Please email us at nicolas[at]alientimes.org what are you preferred places around Tsukuba where you go on sunny Sundays.

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