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World Cup Soccer at Cork Heads

Author: Cork Heads, Issue: June 2006, Topic: Sports

The big event at Cork Heads this month of course is the FIFA World cup!

We will be showing as many games as we can on a big screen at Cork Head's. So come in and support your favorite team!

The viewing of the later games (eg 4 am) will depend on how many fans are keen to watch them, so be sure and let me know if there is a game coming up you want to see!

For the 4am games you will be asked to buy a 2000 yen ticket. This will include 3 drinks to the value of 500 yen (ie Beer, wine, soft drinks, coffee, etc.)

Oh! and breakfast will be available Too!

World Cup Soccer Schedule

To make life simple for us Gaijins, the Japanese have scattered the world cup games over only 8 different TV channels. (Games only broadcasted BS1-hi could be a problem, but I must confess that I don't know anything about my own cable TV).

Everybody is free to attack, bribe, manipulate and threaten Martin about which games are projected on the big screen in Cork Heads, as long if it does not interfere with any Dutch games and the posters he already has made!

TV channels in Tsukuba Area Public channels

  • NHK = Channel 1
  • NTV= Channel 4
  • TBS = Channel 6
  • Fuji TV = Channel 8
  • TV Asahi = Channel 10
  • TV Tokyo = Channel 12


  • BS1= Ch 14

Not on Arno's cable: BS1-hi

Not guaranteed free from mistakes in times and channels (since the source was a Japanese site)

(Ed's note: Readers may notice a _slight_ Dutch bias in these listings.)

Fri 09June25.00 Group ADeutschland, alles ist vorbei! v Costa Rica TBS, BS1-hi
Fri 09June28.00 Group APoland v Ecuador BS1-hi
Sat 10June22.00 Group BEngland, why do they even try? v Paraguay Fuji-TV, BS1-hi
Sat 10June25.00 Group BDutch Coach and Trinidad and Tobago v Sweden NHK, BS1-hi
Sat 10June28.00 Group CArgentina v Ivory Coast BS1-hi
Sun 11June22.00 Group CSerbia with or without Montenegro? v Netherlands, the mighty Dutch NHK, BS1
Sun 11June25.00 Group DMexico v Iran TV Asahi, BS1-hi
Sun 11June28.00 Group DAngola v Portugal BS1-hi
Mon 12June22.00 Group FDutch Coach and Aussieland v Japan NHK, BS1-hi
Mon 12June25.00 Group EUnited States of Bush v Czech NHK, BS1
Mon 12June28.00 Group EBribeland, formerly known as Italy v Ghana BS1-hi
Tue 13June22.00 Group GDutch Coach and South-Korea v Togo NHK, BS1
Tue 13June25.00 Group GDu pain, du vin, du francais v Switzerland TV Tokyo, BS1-hi
Tue 13June28.00 Group FBrazil v Croatia TV Tokyo, BS1-hi
Wed 14June22.00 Group HSpain v Ukraine NHK, BS1
Wed 14June25.00 Group HTunisia v Saudi-Arabia BS1-hi
Wed 14June28.00 Group ADeutschland, alles ist vorbei! v Poland BS1-hi
Thu 15June22.00 Group AEcuador v Costa Rica NHK, BS1
Thu 15June25.00 Group BEngland, why do they even try? v Dutch Coach and Trinidad and Tobago NHK, BS1
Thu 15June28.00 Group BSweden v Paraguay BS1-hi
Fri 16June22.00 Group CArgentina v Serbia with or without Montenegro? NTV, BS1-hi
Fri 16June25.00 Group CNetherlands, the mighty Dutch v Ivory Coast NTV, BS1-hi
Fri 16June28.00 Group DMexico v Angola BS1-hi
Sat 17June22.00 Group DPortugal v Iran Fuji-TV, BS1-hi
Sat 17June25.00 Group ECzech v Ghana NHK, BS1
Sat 17June28.00 Group EBribeland, formerly known as Italy v United States of Bush BS1-hi
Sun 18June22.00 Group FJapan v Croatia TV-Asahi, BS1-hi
Sun 18June25.00 Group FBrazil v Dutch Coach and Aussieland Fuji-TV, BS1-hi
Sun 18June28.00 Group GDu pain, du vin, du francais v Dutch Coach and South-Korea BS1-hi
Mon 19June22.00 Group GTogo v Switzerland TBS, BS1-hi
Mon 19June25.00 Group HSaudi-Arabia v Ukraine NHK, BS1-hi
Mon 19June28.00 Group HSpain v Tunisia BS1-hi
Tue 20June23.00 Group AEcuador v Deutschland, alles ist vorbei! NHK, BS1-hi
Tue 20June23.00 Group ACosta Rica v Poland BS1
Tue 20June28.00 Group BSweden v England, why do they even try? BS1
Tue 20June28.00 Group BParaguay v Dutch Coach and Trinidad and Tobago BS1-hi
Wed 21June23.00 Group DPortugal v Mexico NHK, BS1-hi
Wed 21June23.00 Group DIran v AngolaBS1
Wed 21June28.00 Group CNetherlands, the mighty Dutch v ArgentinaBS1
Wed 21June28.00 Group CIvory Coast v Serbia with or without Montenegro? BS1-hi
Thu 22June23.00 Group ECzech v Bribeland, formerly known as Italy Fuji-TV, BS1-hi
Thu 22June23.00 Group EGhana v United States of BushBS1
Thu 22June28.00 Group FCroatia v Dutch Coach and AussielandBS1
Thu 22June28.00 Group FJapan v Brazil NHK, BS1-hi
Fri 23June23.00 Group HSaudi-Arabia v Spain NTV, BS1-hi
Fri 23June23.00 Group HUkraine v Tunisia BS1
Fri 23June28.00 Group GSwitzerland v Dutch Coach and South-Korea NHK, BS1-hi
Fri 23June28.00 Group GTogo v Du pain, du vin, du francaisBS1
Sat 24June24.00 1/8 Final 1 Winner A v Second B NTV, BS1-hi
Sat 24June28.00 1/8 Final 2 Winner C v Second D NHK, BS1
Sat 25June24.00 1/8 Final 3 Winner B v Second A NHK, BS1
Sat 25June28.00 1/8 Final 4 Winner D v Second C BS1-hi
Mon 26June24.00 1/8 Final 5 Winner E v Second F TBS, BS1
Mon 26June28.00 1/8 Final 6Winner G v Second H NHK, BS1
Tue 27June24.00 1/8 Final 7Winner F v Second E TBS, BS1
Tue 27June28.00 1/8 Final 8Winner H v Second G BS1-hi
Fri 30June24.00 Quarterfinal 1 A1/B2 v C1/D2 NHK, BS1
Fri 30June28.00 Quarterfinal 2 E1/F2 v G1/H2 TV-Asahi, BS1-hi
Sat 01July24.00 Quarterfinal 3 B1/A2 v D1/C2 NTV, BS1
Sat 01July28.00 Quarterfinal 4F1/E2 v H1/G2 NHK, BS1
Tue 04July28.00 Semifinal 1 A1/B2/C1/D2 v E1/F2/G1/H2 NHK, BS1
Wed 05July28.00 Semifinal 2 B1/A2/D1/C2 v F1/E2/H1/G2 TV-Tokyo, BS1-hi
Sat 08July28.00 UnderfinalLoser HF1 v Loser HF2 NHK, BS1
Sun 09July27.00 Final Winner HF1 v Winner HF2 TV-Tokyo, BS1-hi

See the following page for finals:

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